List of products by brand Chateau Rouge

The sublimated beauty of the black skins

From white to black, all the skin types have their specificities and their characteristics! Whereas the white skins will be more prone to the wrinkles and the signs of ageing, the darker skins will tend to be desiccated. Whereas the melanin, produced in larger quantity in the black skins offer an effective natural solar protection of which the clear skins can be jealous for this same melanin produced in excess following a skin aggression can produce undesirable and not very aesthetic spots…

At the beginning of the 1990s, two pharmacists of the popular neighborhoods of Paris concentrated on the problems of their patients with black and mixed-race skin. They noted that these skins required particular care.

Expertise Château Rouge is born

For 15 years, Château Rouge has become the reference in ethnic care products for the olive, mixed-race and black skins.

  • From products to actives at the forefront of science with a priority towards agents of plant origin (apricot, sweet almond,…)
  • Unification of complexion and a sublime radiance of the skin, as well as an efficiency of the attenuation of the pigmentary spots.
  • Pleasant textures and a high dermatological tolerance

Discover the ranges of Château Rouge! Hydrating care (to nourish and hydrate), or unifying care (to clean, matt, erase or treat spots) and a special range for men.