List of products by brand Dr Ernst

Plant extracts for a natural health

Herbal teas of Dr Ernst are appreciated since 1946 for their virtues and their beneficial actions! Since then, the range widened and the brand proposes you also a vast series of tablets containing extracts of plants. Each product contains a mixture of two ingredients which act together for an ideal result!

Plants for all the small health worries of the family

Amongst herbal teas, discover Detox Tea with green tea and rosemary for a body purification; Good Night Tea with sheets of orange tree and lime for a relaxation effect and a peaceful sleep; or Tonic Tea for a tonic action, against tiredness,… In phytotherapy tablets; Digest with ginger and melissa for a stimulating effect of the stomach and the intestines; Or Flexi with harpago extracts for flexibility of the joints, ... Special range for children; Dr Ernst kids in syrups and tablets to chew, especially developed for children from the age of 3! Also try the floral waters (cornflower, roses) for an instant feeling of freshness and the softening of the skin of your face.