List of products by brand Ducray

Pioneer Brand of shampoos

Albert Ducray is one of the precursors of the shampoos that we know nowadays! While at the beginning of the century, we always used very alkaline soap powder to dissolve in water, which gives hair a dull appearance, Albert Ducray launched the first dermo-cosmetics shampoos, ready to use, in the 30’s.

Later in the 80’s, he developed a moisturizer for the face and the body, become cult in pharmacy, the Ictyane cream.

Today as a part of the Group cosmetic Pierre Fabre, Ducray offers a wide range of treatments for skin and hair very specific and adapted to all your problems:

Skin care

Dry skin: Ictyane

Very dry or atopic skin: Ictyane HD

Scaly skin: Ikériane

Oily, blemish-prone skin: Keracnyl

Brown spots: Melascreen

Hair care

Hair loss and food supplements: Neoptide, Creastim, Anacaps, etc.

Dry and/or damaged hair: Nutricerat

Oily hair: Sabal, Argeal

Sensitive scalp: Sensinol

Delicate hair: Extra-Doux

Dandruff conditions: Squanorm, Kertyol P.S.O, Kelual DS