List of products by brand Garancia

Natural journey in the world of Garancia

The result of a generation of pharmacists passionate about dermo-cosmetics, Savéria Coste launches Garancia in the 2000s, with its now famous Pschitt Magique; a unique mousse for facial care that gives you a reinvigorated and healthy skin, a pure and bright complexion in 30 seconds! A patented formula that destroys dead skin, associated with 6 plant extracts with beneficial virtues: bleuberry, witch hazel, green tea, cucumber, rose and lime.

A magical ritual of care

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the Mysterious range; anti-ageing in night cream, day cream or replumper gel-cream; Or by the Diabolique Tomate serie of moisturizers; Get caught up in the Marabout range of anti blemish care before letting yourself be enchanted by the emanations of the Eau de Sourcellerie perfume with antioxidant powers, ...