List of products by brand Herbalgem

Health through the buds

Close to homeopathy and phytotherapy, gemmotherapy uses the buds and seedlings of plants! Harvested in the spring, just before hatching, they are macerated for several weeks. The Herbalgem obtained extracts undergo no dilution and therefor  contain all the virtues and vital energies of buds! The dosage is very simple, 5 to 15 drops per day to apply directly on the tongue.

The renaissance of nature for the benefits of your body

Discover in the compositions of Herbalgem gemmotherapy; Ginkogem for its antioxidant activity and for the improvement of blood circulation; or Artigem (pine, vine, birch) which acts on joint problems. In concentrated macerates with specific virtues you will find such things as Juniper (for the liver), heather (for urinary tract), blackcurrant (for the tonic), or pin (for the bones). Discover also all the benefits of birch sap, in combination with different buds. And the range of Porpolis of whish the effectiveness in fighting signs of hypothermia are already well proved.