List of products by brand Neutrogena

The reference for your hands

For the origin of the famous hand cream NEUTROGENA we have to turn back around 1955 to the Norwegian coast where a pediatrician was very surprised to meet some local fishermen. Their hands were very soft despite their harsh work that is done under extreme climatic conditions!

He discovered that the fish oil is the cause of this little miracle! He developed a first lotion that Emanuel Stolaroff, founder of Neutrogena has the opportunity to test ... and adopt.

40 years of reputation

The first commercialization of the cream NEUTROGENA NORWEGIAN FORMULA happened in 1972 with the extraordinarily hydrating power of glycerine, comparable to the fish oil. The cream become unavoidable until today!

The brand offers you a range of targeted care for the feet, body, face, hands, lips and hair. Products of a high quality and a sublime sweetness to discover ...