List of products by brand Puressentiel

For pure wellness

Founded at the beginning of the year 2000, the French Puressentiel laboratory specializes in aromatherapy and development of products containing essential oils. Seeking to be different, Puressentiel proposes a product range which is accessible and “ready to use” for precise application fields. Elaborate compositions to facilitate the daily use of domestic aromatherapy!

Discover the essential range

  • Enchanting and beneficial essential oils and diffusers.
  • The Puressentiel deodorants, certified organic and composed of essential oils with antibacteria ldeodorizing properties which guarantee a durable protection.
  • Massage oils with various applications; argan for hair care; arnica for sport activities or even lavender for muscular relaxation, ...
  • But also beauty care; balsam and gel for alleviating painful articulations; bumps and bruises; oils with various virtues for the bath, insect-expelling substances, ...