List of products by brand Rogé Cavaillès

The expert in body care

Rogé Cavaillès is an existing pharmacy in Paris since 1855! The brand offers products of personal hygiene always more innovating, hypoallergenic, of a very great effectiveness and with high tolerance for sensitive and fragile skin.

Discover the ranges which marked the world of the cosmetics

The soap “surgras” is a speciality of the brand! With soothing virtues thanks to sweet almond oil or peach pit oil with protective capacities of the cutaneous barrier.

Dermazero, washing creams with very soft \"surgras\" agents, adapted for the skins of the babies.

The range Luxuriant Shower care with nutritive oils and intense perfumes.

Natural deodorants, very effective and very respectful for the skin of the armpits at the same time.

Sebactiv, anti-blemish care dedicated to the particular problems of the skin of teenagers and adult women (hormonal fluctuations, excess of sebum,…)

Creams for daily use with vitamins, moisturizing and nourishing.