List of products by brand Weleda

Natural beauty and health

Rudolph Steiner, an eminent philosopher and doctor of science founded Weleda in Switzerland in 1921. Based on anthroposophical medicine, where the mankind is connected to his environment, he composes the first medicines with elements of natural origin!

Weleda can still boast today of having kept this spirit close to nature both in the sustainable development of the company as in the design of the health and beauty products that the brand offers.

Enter the heart of nature with the Weleda product line!

Facial care, body care, baby and maternity products, men care, hair treatments, organic juices and elixirs, dental care, sports care, massage oils, and slimming care.

Concerning health, discover the different treatments for the skin, Dermalotion, Urtica and Calendula, oils and body ointments, as well as nasal and throat sprays or elixirs and syrups for the respiratory tract.