List of products by brand Uriage

Source of Beauty

Discovered by the Romans at the foot of the Belledonne massif, in the heart of the Alps, the virtues of the thermal water of Uriage and the beneficial results that it provides thanks to its contents of trace elements and minerals are recognized since 2000 years!

The brand Uriage is created in 1992 and the thermal water becomes the essential ingredient of the first range of cosmetic care.

Discover the Thermal Water Spray, a true fountain of youth that brings a daily hydration to the face! The product makes also creams up. Also available is a range of first care for babies, hypoallergenic, specific products for chapped and cracked skin problems, Bariéderm. Regulator care D.S. helps to soothe redness and irritation. Find also skincare and hygiene ranges, anti-aging, sun protection or the Xemose selection which is specially designed for very dry skin.