List of products by brand A.Vogel

A natural vision of health

Founder of the brand, Alfred Vogel is a pioneer of the naturopathy of the 20th century! Placing the human wellness and health at the center of its concerns and in harmony with nature, A. Vogel makes a global offer of health products, from foodstuffs to natural remedies!

Discover the waste range of phyto-products, medical naturopathic products, food supplements containing plants and skin creams :

For your health; Echinaforce (echinacea) in spray or syrup is an excellent treatment alleviating and softening sore throat. In drops or tablets, it is also recommended in case of cold or flu; Dormeasan (vitality), Cinuforce (nasal disorders), Solidago (improves the renal functions), Cranberry (for the urinary functions), Wheat Germ (energy), Linoforce (digestive transit), Passiflora (Releasing), Famosan (disorders related to the menopause),…

In food substances sold in pharmacy, find cult Herbamare with sea salt and with the extracts of 14 vegetables or Bambu, excellent coffee alternative with chicory.