List of products by brand Auriga International

Research and innovation for a skin of lasting beauty

Authentic Belgian laboratory, located at the outskirts of Brussels, Auriga makes it a point of honor to select meticulously each one of its components according to the most recent scientific discoveries! The products are carefully tested and subjected to strict studies carried out by experts in dermatology.

A range of cares at the forefront of science for all cutaneous problems!

Discover Flavonex cream, against sagging skin but also in tablets to decrease the undesirable effects of the menopause; Si-Nails to find nails in full health thanks to a single formula of silicon. Obtainable in applicator or tablets.

Dermatrophix offers a potency against skin fragility; wrinkled and fine skin, translucent or yellowish appearance, small lesions, embrittlement of the vessels, ... Ecla-Cell for an in-depth potency against cellulitis. Find also care for bruises and contusions, for dull skin or skin without glare (of some smokers), products against dark circles and eye contour, against heavy legs, against warts, ...