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Etixx Ginseng&Guarana Energy Gel Passion Fruit 12X50G

Etixx Ginseng&Guarana Energy Gel Passion Fruit 12X50G


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Foodstuff flavored liquid enriched with herbal extracts, taurine and...

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Ginseng and Guarana Energy Gel is ideal for the moments that really count! It provides you with extra energy thanks to its unique combination of sugars and a real boost physical and mental energy resulting properties of some plant adaptogens. Guarana is a berry containing high concentrations of natural caffeine. It is well known that the absorption of caffeine is likely to reduce the feeling of fatigue and that it has a positive effect on concentration and alertness. Ginseng is used to combat fatigue. The addition of 2.95 % alcohol ensures a better absorption of carbohydrates.

That will take advantage of Energy Gels?

The three gels are suitable for all athletes who need to rapidly replenish energy during prolonged exercise:

  • DURING endurance sports: cycling, triathloniens, duathloniens, riders of the fund, swimmers, long distances, etc
  • PRIOR to departure, or DURING REST PERIODS in team sports.
  • Isotonic Energy Gel is specifically recommended for hot weather, and who perspire a lot.
  • Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel is specifically advisable for athletes who need extra energy immediate, for example in the latter part of prolonged exercise, to a final sprint or at the beginning of a rise etc

1 to 2 sachets per hour of effort.

  • Unique blend of sugars to threefold effect for an immediate boost (within 10 minutes), but also a prolonged effect.
  • Contains natural caffeine for a boost of extra physical and mental energy
  • Alcohol content for better absorption of sugars

Sugar syrup 64% (Dextrose, Sucrose, Maltose, other sugars) - Water - Dextrose - fluid Extract of guarana (seed) (Paullinia cupana, alcohol, water) - liquid Extract of green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis, water, alcohol) - Taurine - liquid Extract of ginseng (root) (Panax ginseng, alcohol, water) - liquid Extract of siberian ginseng (root) (Eleutherococcus senticosus, water, alcohol) - L-ascorbic Acid - Preservative : potassium Sorbate - Flavourings : Maracuja

Nutritional Information:

Ginseng and Guarana Energy Gel

Per 100g

By gel

Energy (kcal)

Two hundred thirty seven

One hundred nineteen

Energy (kJ)


Five hundred four

Fat (g)



Protein (g)



Carbohydrates (g)

Fifty nine


Sugars (g)

Forty four

Twenty two

Salt (g)



Lives. C (mg)


(100 %, AR)


(50 %, AR)

*Sugar syrup: 8 % of dextrose, 55 % sucrose, 6 % maltose, 31 % of other types of sugars.

Per 100g

By gel

Guarana extract

3g (6 %)

1.5 g (3 %)

Extract of paullinia cupana


1.5 g

Extract of camellia sinensis


1.5 g

Extract panax ginseng

1.5 g (3 %)

Of 0.75 g (1.5%)

Extract of eleutherococcus senticosus

1.5 g (3 %)

Of 0.75 g (1.5%)


1.5 g

0.75 g

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