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A-Derma Pain Dermatologique 100 g


Syndet solid for the hygiene-care of skin of the most delicate skin types of the whole family.

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  • A \"soap without soap\" for optimal adherence of the hydro-lipid film and the pH of the skin
  • Without soap, without perfume, without alcohol, without preservative

I cannot stand my hygiene product usual. I am prone to allergies to eczema. My skin is hyper-fragile, easily irritated.

In the shower, emulsify on wet skin. Rinse with clear water. The face and body.

Oat milk Rhealba® ? Soothes and softens the skin

Agents surgraissants ? Prevent the déssèchement and soften the skin

Gentle washing Base enriched (pH=5.5) ? Cleans the epidermis without the assault
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  28 Jan. 2022
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