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Corega Fresh Mousse Antibactérienne


Foam antibacterial denture.

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A simple toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients and is therefore not really indicated to clean a dental prosthesis. Indeed, such a toothpaste may damage your prosthesis, for instance by causing scratches, which in turn facilitates the adhesion of bacteria to the prosthesis.

The foam antibacterial denture Corega Fresh Cleanse Foam does not contain abrasive ingredients, ensures a clean micro-active neutralizing 99.9% of the bacteria (which are the basis of bad breath - foetor ex ore) and removes dental plaque and persistent stains.

Hold your denture;
Shake the vial;
Apply foam antibacterial on your dental prosthesis by performing two pressures complete;
Brush your dentures for 90 seconds;
Rinse your denture in cold water.

Carry out this treatment on a daily basis. A bottle corresponds to more or less 50 cleanings of your dental prosthesis.

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