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Corsodyl Dentifrice Gel 50 g



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Toothpaste without fluoride containing an antiseptic. Contains chlorhexidine which inhibits the formation of new deposits and bacterial and disintegrates the dental plaque existing. Indicated in the following cases: inflammation of the gingiva, after periodontal procedures, ulalgies and chronic infections Candida.

Gluconate chlorhexidine/chlorhexidine gluconate 10 mg, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Macrogoli ricinoleas, sodium acetate, menthol, Aetherol. menthae, isopropanol, and water q. s. ad 1 g.

In the case of repeated use, a brownish in colour may occur. This effect can be avoided by consistently using a toothpaste traditional. Or, the dentist can remove them by polishing. The fillings are aesthetic, they can turn brown.
If you use a toothpaste and the gel Corsodyl, you must make sure you rinse the teeth.

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