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Elgydium Clinic Brosse 25/100



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Toothbrushes for adults with different degrees of flexibility of the hair. The bristles are much more flexible that the figure is low.

Brush head: small: 24 mm × 5 mm.
Brush handle: straight and flexible enough.
Slight elevation for a better grip.
Characteristics of the last Clinic Sensitive:
Head of right brush with 3 rows of bristles tapered extremely flexible;
Head guard (protective cap) for hygiene;
Sleeve hyperflexible, which adapts to the morphology of the dentition.

Elgydium Clinic 7/100th to use 1 week after intervention (for example the extraction of a tooth, the implant).
Elgydium 15/100th serves as a transition before the use of a toothbrush regular.
Elgydium Clinic 20/100th and 25/100th for everyday use.

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