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As an adjuvant in the treatment of dry skin, desquamantes, itching, and sensitive.
Unless otherwise indicated, use the bath oil for 2 to 4 weeks. If necessary, use on a daily basis.
The temperature of the bath water can not exceed 37 °C and the duration of the bath shall not exceed 20 minutes.
Use soap-free in order not to reduce the effect feeding of the bath.

Glycine soja, laureth-6, glycol propylénique, palmitate ascorbyle, stearate glyceryl citrate, fragrance.

For adults and children.
To run a bath and then add Balneum (and not the reverse).
Mix well.
For a bath adult, pour 1.5 measurement; for a bathroom, child's 1/4 of a measure.
Rinse (not overly) and gently air dry.

Because of the strong properties of oily, be careful not to slip after you have left the water running in the bathroom.
Avoid contact with eyes.

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