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Interprox Plus 6 Brosses Interdentaires Super Micro 0.7mm



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Interprox Plus
Interdental brushes (6 per package) placed at a right angle to the handle (8 cm) in order to ensure an effective cleaning of interdental spaces.
Different diameters of interdental brushes:
Cylindrical form: 2 mm (Super Micro = orange), 1.9 mm for the interdental spaces even smaller (Nano = pink), 2.4 mm (Micro = green), 3 mm (Mini = yellow);
Conical shape: 2-4 mm (Mini Conical = red), 3-5 mm (Conical = blue), to 4.2-5.7 mm (Max Cone = purple);
At present, there are also 2 interdental brushes Interprox Plus large size: X-Max (Cone 4,5-9 mm (= gray) and XX-Maxi (= black). Packaging by 4.
Length of brush head: 9 mm.
There is also a package with an assortment of 6 interdental brushes of different colors.

Interprox Access
The handle of the interdental brushes Interprox Access is longer (12 cm);
Packaging by 4;
Dimensions: Mini 3 mm, Conical, 3 to 5 mm, maximum 5 mm.

It is important to use the right type of interdental brush. Access to interdental spaces should be easy to do not too much, otherwise the brush bristles do not act efficiently (they do not eliminate the dental plaque).
There are also Interprox Gel (NKCC 2577-096) to apply on the interdental brushes. This gel prevents the formation of dental plaque and ensures remineralization of dental enamel in the interproximal spaces.

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