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Fixodent Pro PLUS Duo Action Pate Adhesive 40g



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Pasta-adhesive zinc-containing denture.

40 g Tube (neutral flavor): calcium/zinc PVM/MA copolymer, paraffin, cellulose gum, petrolatum, silica, CI 45410. The tube 40 g contains neither zinc, nor correctors of taste, or dyes.

Tube 47 g (Complete Original): pleasant taste of freshness. Does not contain CI 45410, but beautiful and well the following in addition: CL 14720, aroma, menthol, CL 16185, and limonene.

The Full version Fresh (refreshing treatment) also contains lactate menthyle.

Apply the paste adhesive on the dentures (after you have thoroughly cleaned and dried) to form small lines on a regular basis.
Insert the denture in the mouth and gently press in.
Removal of the implant tooth: rinse the mouth with warm water and remove the dental prosthesis by pulling it gently until it detaches.

Do not use more than 1.25 g (= 10 cm of adhesive paste) per session because the dough contains zinc!
The tube 40 g/47 g should be sufficient for 4 to 5 weeks.

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