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Opti-free Express Solution 355ml



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Solution \"all-in-one\" for soft contact lenses. For the cleaning, rinsing and of the laying of the lenses. Also suitable for the dissolution of tablets enzyme. Eliminates proteins during preservation.

Polyquad 0.001 %, in myristamidopropylméthylamine 0,0005 %, citrate as a cleaning product, poloxamer.

250 ml - 120 ml - Freshcare (3 × 355 ml + 120 ml) - Mas Day by Day (6 × 30 ml × 10 ml) - Triple Pack (3 × 250 ml).

Disinfect the lenses in the solution Opti-Free Express for 6 hours.
The lenses can be worn directly without being rinsed beforehand.
Suitable for disposable contact lenses and lenses traditional.
Renew the solution after each disinfection.

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