Alcoderm Gel Hydroalcoolique 100ml



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The hydroalcoholic Gel Alcoderm disinfects quickly the hands in depth.

Its balanced composition has a potent antimicrobial action and helps to fight against the proliferation of micro-organisms. Contains glycerin to soften the drying effect of the alcohol.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Ethanol (64-17-5) 75%, Isopropylalcohol/isopropyl Alcohol(67-63-0) 10%, Glycerin.

Use regularly for optimal decontamination of hands. For best results, and well rub the hands and wrists with a small amount of Alcoderm (3 to 4 ml) for at least 30 seconds, then allow it to dry. Insist on the spaces between the toes and around the nails. Do not rinse

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