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Saline Solution sterile

Hygiene nasal Irrigation or cleaning of the nasal cavity is dry or blocked.

How to use: Tilt the head back. Gently ease the tip into the nostril and gently press the pod. Repeat in the other nostril. Raise the head to let the flow of the liquid, and then gently wipe off the excess. Not to blow his nose violently and the nose for 10 minutes after the wash.

Caution: In infants, support in limiting the output pressure of the liquid in order to avoid any potential contamination the middle ear.

Hygiene eye In eye drops or bath for the cleaning of the eye.

Mode of use: work a few drops of the solution into each eye, taking care not to touch it with the pod. Wipe the excess liquid using a sterile gauze.

Caution: Wait 15 minutes before applying any other eye therapy.

Cleaning of wounds

How to use: Rinse the wound using the contents of a pod whole, taking care not to touch the wound with the pod.

Caution: Remove only the excess liquid from the non-infected area.

Hygiene of the ear

Rinse: for a perfect hygiene of the ear, use Naaprep? in order to eliminate the deposits of ear wax, and rinse the external auditory canal after the use of a solution atrial surfactant.

How to use: Rinse the external auditory canal with Naaprep?. Use a pod Naaprep? for both ears. Wipe the excess fluid with a gauze pad.

Use in aerosol therapy

Mode of use: In the case of a dilution of the products of inhalation of aerosol therapy, follow the instructions provided with the product to inhale. If Naaprep? is used alone, follow the instructions provided with the device for aerosol therapy.

Warning: Seek the advice of your doctor before any first use or in case of hypersensitivity respiratory and / or cardiovascular disease or severe respiratory.


Do not use a pod single-use open or damaged enraison the risk of bacterial contamination quick. Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the packaging.


Sodium chloride 0.9 g, purified Water 100 ml

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