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Balneum is a bath oil pure for dry skin, sensitive and delicate, and of course also for normal skins.
Particularly effective in cases of attacks caused by the sun, wind, cold, chemicals, etc Balneum is rich in vitamin F, which has the effect of reducing the water loss of the skin. The oil distributes itself evenly in the bath water and so on the skin. Does not attack the pH of the skin. Thanks to the good properties cleansing of Balneum, the use of soap becomes superfluous.

Glycine soja, laureth-4, oleamide DEA, glycol propylénique, BHT, palmitate ascorbyle, citric acid, fragrance.

For adults and children.
Leak the bath and then add Balneum (and not the reverse).
Mix well. For a full bath, use 2 caps full. For a bath of a child, use 1/3 of a cap).
Local use (elbows, feet, knees, heels ...): wet the skin and rub with a small amount of Balneum. Rinse (not overly) and gently air dry.

Attention to the sliding.
Avoid contact with eyes.

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