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Sea water and sterile isotonic.

Active principles:

100 % sea water or non-diluted form, isotonic. The pH is adapted to the physiology of the nasal cavity.

Wash dynamics of the nasal cavity, recommended in case of nose delicate (secretions, fluids and excessive).

Proven effectiveness:

  • relieve the congestion the mucous membranes;
  • cleans and moistens the nasal cavity;
  • avoids the risk of secondary infections O. R. L.

No conservative.

Safe and easy-to-use system: unique spray without propellant gas, the bottle is unbreakable (can fall) and sterile (thanks to the one-way valve).

Operation:A spray that is gentle to remove secretions fluids and protect them from the cold in daily use.

Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process, Physiomer preserves the benefits of the water of the sea of Saint-Malo and its richness in minerals and trace elements that give the soothing and restorative than a simple saline solution.

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