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The bottle S blue Natural Difrax is the favorite baby, but also mom and dad, thanks to its valve anti-colic special avoid the intestinal cramps and its S-shape, allowing a continuous supply of food. The baby bottle's anti colic may be used from birth and it is a great supplement to breast-feeding.
The bottle's unique can be used from birth or as babies. It is equipped with a removable bottom, which facilitates cleaning and filling with breast milk in the form of ice cubes. You can pull directly from your breast into the bottle S Natural with the breast milk BtoB of Difrax, the best friend of moms that are active.

The valve anti-colic to prevent your baby from taking in air and ensures that the teat is constantly filled with food, which reduces the risks of cross-references, vomiting, and intestinal cramps. The bottle's is the first to allow the time for the baby to drink in an ideal position and to ensure a seating position more comfortable to the person who gives the bottle thanks to the S-shape special !

Bottles for babies from Difrax are available in different sizes and colors.

Tip : Difrax has developed the bottle-warmer's specially to warm the bottle S.
A bottle warmer that heats the milk at a temperature of breast-feeding (37°C) in 3 minutes.

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