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The pacifier-Dental-extra strong 18+ months of Dental, embellished with a pattern giraffe blue, meets all of the needs of sucking of your baby. The pacifier is equipped with a large frill and the téterelle is completely filled with silicone, which makes it more resistant. It helps your child to déshabituer of the pacifier, or lollipop, in a later phase.

The pacifier unique with its bezel in the shape of a butterfly is perfectly suited to your baby's face. The recess of the nose enables him in effect to breathe freely through the nose and the holes provide a supply of extra air which prevents skin irritation. The model dental has been developed in collaboration with a team composed of dentists for children. The flat part of the pacifier puts pressure on the tongue and the rounded end rests against the palate. Part to suck the pacifier-18+ M is massive and filled. Thus, the sucking reflex diminishes, which is the first step to déshabituer of the lollipop.

The pacifier, or lollipop, has a reassuring, relaxing and resting on your child. The lollipops Difrax are available in various prints trend and in different sizes. Tip : replace the pacifier every six weeks. Check daily the state of the pacifier by pulling on the part to suck. If your baby rips the pacifier extra strong, it is better to give him a toy to chew on.

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