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Nuby Nt Softflex 2 En 1 Tire Lait



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Nuby Natural Touch Set pump
0+ months
Global view: The use of a breast milk is recommended when there is a prolonged separation from mother to child (ex: return-to-work) or when the mother wished to give breast milk to her premature child.
The set contains:
- 1 pump diaphragm soft silicone cover travel hygienic
- 2 bottles with pacifier adapted to the breast with slow flow
- 1 cover to the container conservation + 1 lid to bottle
- Support
- 12 breast pads disposable.
Breast milk:
The pump is equipped with a diaphragm made of medical grade silicone flexible, with dewclaws massaging , thus feeling very natural. The shape, size, allow you to create a better suction to get the milk in the best possible conditions. A valve adjustable suction allows you to adjust the level of suction to suit the personal comfort of the mother.
These bottles are made from 100% polypropylene recyclable. Designed for a standard power supply, they are also equipped with the pacifier Nûby™ SoftFlex™ Breast size that mimics perfectly the shape of the breast.

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