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Medela Set Symphony Double Tire Lait M



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The Symphony breastpump and its expression programs based on the research that have been designed specifically to assist mothers throughout the evolution of lactation : it induces, amplifies and maintains the production of milk is adequate.

The Symphony breastpump from Medela is a breast pump multi-user reliable reserved to the hospitals and to the rental home, is perfect for phrases and on the long-term.

The emotional connection and the bond that is created between the mother and her baby during breast-feeding are very special. Therefore, it is not surprising that mothers are reluctant to entrust the expression of their milk to a breast milk. However, when direct breastfeeding is not feasible or that the mother is having difficulty breastfeeding, the use of a breast pump can prove to be very useful.

With the Symphony breastpump, Medela has developed a breast-milk based on clinical research that mimics the natural behavior of an infant suckling the breast of its mother in order to trigger milk production as soon as the first few days after the birth and to optimise milk production once lactation is established.

mother pumping breastmilk with Medela Symphony breastpump
Benefits of the Symphony breastpump

The breastpump multi-user to use hospital Symphony, from the clinical research, responds, thanks to its technical characteristics and its accessories, to the specific needs of each mother throughout their nursing period.

It is equipped with the technologies of initiation, and 2-Phase Expression Medela, a system of protection against overflow and accessories for simple expression, or double.

It helps mothers to trigger, amplify and sustain the production of milk is adequate.
The program will INITIATE facilitates the onset of lactation.
Thanks to the program and MAINTAIN, the mothers are best able to amplify and maintain a sufficient production.
Extremely gentle to the areas of the breast are particularly sensitive
This pump decreases the symptoms of engorgement and help to treat mastitis.
It brings out the flat or inverted nipples provide.
It is simple to use and surprisingly quiet.
Advantages of the double pumping and 2-Phase Expression technology

The combination of the double pumping and 2-Phase Expression technology from Medela provides the following benefits :

gain-of-time (more milk in less time) ;
maintaining the production of milk when direct breastfeeding is not possible ;
energy content of milk is higher, especially important for premature infants ;
device comfort and performance.

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