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Clearblue Advanced Test Ovulation 10



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Determine your four days (4 days) the most fertile for getting pregnant, which is double the number of days than any other ovulation test.
Each menstrual cycle of a woman has only a few days conducive to conception. In other words, the woman is only fertile for a handful of days. Therefore, if you try to get pregnant, it is essential to have intercourse during this fertile period of the. The Clearblue Digital ovulation test is the first and only test to determine, as a general rule (not always), four fertile days during each cycle. This ovulation test detects the two main hormones of fertility in order to identify your personal days of high fertility AND peak fertility (peak fertility), so that you can plan in advance the design of your child and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

1. Identifies as a rule four days of fertility.

By identifying more fertile days before ovulation than any other ovulation test, you have, obviously, more chances to get pregnant and can plan ahead for pleasant moments with your partner.

2. Detects two hormones, fertility important.

Clearblue Digital is the only ovulation test to detect, with precision, not only luteinising hormone, but also the?estrogen in order to determine a longer period of fertility.

3. Smart technology and results digital clear and easy to understand.

Thanks to the unique algorithm of its kind, the test adapts to your hormonal profile staff. Consequently, you run less risk of missing your fertile days. In addition, the digital display is clear and easy to understand. You see a smiley smiling Clearblue when the most favorable days for getting pregnant have been identified. You will know when your body is ready for conception of a child.

4. Reliability of over 99 %.

Reliability of more than 99 % with respect to the detection of the increase of the luteinizing hormone (lh).

5. Works differently from all other ovulation tests.

The Clearblue Digital ovulation test (with two indicators of hormonal) does not work the same way as other ovulation tests since it detects two hormones of fertility: oestrogen, and luteinizing hormone (lh). When the test detects a rise in your estrogen levels, you will see on the display the symbol corresponding to a high fertility (smiley smile/smiley face flashing). This symbol will continue to flash during the following two days while the test tries to detect your surge in luteinizing hormone (lh). When your rise in luteinizing hormone (lh) has been identified, you will see on the display the symbol corresponding to a peak fertility (smiley smile/smiley constant), or your peak fertility.
5 points that you must definitely be read before using the Clearblue Digital ovulation test:

1. The symbol corresponding to a peak fertility (smiley smile/smiley constant) will still be displayed on the screen for 48 hours.
You will not be able to perform other test as long as the symbol corresponding to a peak fertility (your peak fertility) will appear on the screen, and because of that the device is not able to read a new test stick during this time.

2. The number of fertile days (4 or more).
The number of fertile days displayed by the device is only valid for you personally. In addition, the cycles are not all the same.
Every woman has a cycle unique and hormone patterns differ from woman to woman. It turned out what follows below using a study conducted in 87 women:
Number of days of high fertility prior to the period of peak fertility Number of women
0-4 57 (66 %)
5-9 22 (25 %)
10+ 1 (1 %)
No period of peak fertility is detected (no peak fertility is detected) after days of high fertility
7 (8 %)
TOTAL 87 (100 %)

3. What to do if the meter shows over 9 days of high fertility?
If you see more than 9 days of high fertility on the monitor, it is better to stop testing for this cycle. If you have done the first test on the same day prior to your cycle length and you see 9 or more days of high fertility, it is unlikely that you will reach another peak fertility in this cycle. In other words, it is unlikely that the fertility is maximum (smiley smile/smiley constant) appears again on the screen for this cycle.
It sometimes happens that the increase of luteinizing hormone (lh) is too low to be detected by the test, and it may from time to time also, that there is no ovulation during a cycle. These cases involve the absence of a peak fertility (peak fertility) on the screen of the device. This situation is not unusual and occurs in more or less 8 % of the cycles. Attention: If you do not see peak fertility (peak fertility) on the screen of the device during three consecutive cycles, we strongly advise you to go to your doctor or specialist.

4. Testing frequency: 1 times a day.
Do not perform the test only 1 time per day until the symbol corresponding to a high fertility (smiley smile/smiley face flashing) appears on the screen of the device. For the results of high fertility to be reliable, you must use the first urine of the morning (or at least the first urine after a long period of sleep). As soon as the test has detected the first day of high fertility you can do the test more frequently. Avoid, however, drinking very large amounts before conducting a test.

5. Do not remove the batteries.
If you remove the batteries from the device, you will not be able to use it.

Please refer to the detailed operating instructions or contact the after-sales service if you still have questions.
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