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Remove the test from its packaging.
Remove the stick absorbent of the cap. Enter the stick absorbing it by the handle, so that the two windows are facing towards you.
Make sure to orient the stick absorbent to the bottom (end down).
Urinate for 5 seconds directly on the stick, absorbent, that is to say, until it is impregnated.
Attention: do not return the stick, but the stick straight down. Replace the cap on the stick absorbent.
Now, position the test device on a flat surface the two windows oriented to the top.
The result of the pregnancy test is read after 5 minutes. Caution: do not wait 30 minutes before reading the result because it may change and/or may not be reliable.
Note: you can also collect the urine in a small container of clean, dry, provided, however, perform the test on-the-field. The stick absorbent must be immersed in the urine for at least 10 seconds.
Interpretation of the results:
The result is negative (you are not pregnant) if you do not see a control line to the small control window and no line in the large test window.
The result is positive (you are pregnant) if you see a trait in each of the windows (related to the small control window + related to the large test window).

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