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Clearblue Digital Test Grossesse 2



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So accurate - also tells You the number of semainesLe pregnancy test Clearblue Digital with indicator design is the one and only test to be as reliable as the ultrasound to determine the age of your pregnancy. Its Smart Dual Sensor? displays all letters if you are pregnant (\" + \") or not (\" - \") AND when was the pregnancy.

Realization of the testMaintenez the upper absorbent directed downwards in your urine stream for 5 seconds only. Take care not to wet the rest of the test stick. Or dip the rod absorbent for 20 seconds in a urine sample that you have stored in a clean container and sec. then You can put the cap back and remove the test stick flat.

Rod pointing to the up/basIMPORTANT For the duration of the test, never hold the upper absorbent pointing up. After you have done the pregnancy test Clearblue Digital with estimates of the age of the pregnancy, the hourglass icon will begin to flash, confirming that the analysis is in progress. The hourglass stops flashing, and leaves room for the result.

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