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Nutramigen 3 Lgg Pdr 400g



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Nutramigen 3 LGG® is a formula based on hydrolyzed pushed of casein protein, for the dietary management of allergy to cow's milk proteins (APLV) in the young child from 1 year, in the context of a diversified diet.
The cow's milk proteins contained in Nutramigen 3 LGG® have been broken into very small pieces (hydrolyzed) that the immune system of children who are allergic to these proteins do identify more as a danger.
Nutramigen LGG® is the only formula containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®, a registered trademark), a beneficial bacteria well studied. It has been shown that it helps the support of the allergy to proteins of milk of cow, favoring a return to a normal diet faster with Nutramigen without LGG®.
Nutramigen 3 LGG® :
Formula based on hydrolyzed pushed casein
To the nutritional needs of young children in case of allergy to cow's milk proteins
Must be used in the context of a diversified diet from 1 year
Each box of Nutramigen 3 LGG® contains 400 g powder
Contains LGG®
With a vanilla aroma
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