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- preparation for external use to disinfect the skin and mucous membranes. Contains iodine(povidone-iodine), an antiseptic that kills germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and which prevents infection.

- Indications :

prevention and treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses, including :

- Prevention and treatment of skin infections such as boils, inflammations and redness, heat pimples, impetigo, acne, pimples under the folds of the skin, fungus on the feet, herpes.
- Disinfection of wounds, pressure sores and leg ulcers.
- Treatment of burns.
- Disinfection of skin before injection, puncture, or blood transfusion.
- Disinfection specialist such as washing of the membrane abdominal, disinfection of the bladder, preparation of the skin before operation.

apply the solution either pure or diluted with water (25% or 50%) on the skin or on the sores once or more times per day.

- The active substance is povidone iodine.
- The other ingredients are : glycerol - laureth 9 - disodium phosphate dihydrate - citric acid monohydrate - sodium hydroxide - purified water - potassium iodate.

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