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Nicorette Inhaler 10mg 42 Filtres


The only substitute for nicotine in the market in the form of an inhaler.

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• Thanks to its shape, breathe it deals with the dual addiction of smoking:
1. The lack of nicotine
2. The ritual hand-to-mouth

• Can double the chances of success*

* compared to the decision of ârreter smoking based only on the willingness (Cochrane Review 2008: Nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation).

Deletion of the phenomena of nicotine withdrawal in the treatment of tobacco dependence, which can reduce or stop tobacco use.

The recommended duration of treatment is 3 months. After this initial period, the patient should consider a progressive reduction of the daily dose spread out over 6 to 8 weeks. It is advised not to use the product more than 6 months.


• It is necessary to completely stop smoking.
• Use each day a sufficient number of refills, at least 4 with a maximum of 12.
• The duration of treatment varies according to the individuals. Normally, it takes at least 3 months. After this initial period, it is necessary to gradually reduce the daily dose.

When consumption fell to 1 to 2 cartridges per day, it will completely stop any form of nicotine.


• To the extent possible, we will replace the cigarette by the use of the Inhale. Use the Inhale when the urge to smoke appears.
• Use each day a sufficient number of refills, at least 4 with a maximum of 12.
• Any reduction of cigarette consumption should be continued until complete stop. Then, gradually decrease the use of the Inhale.
• When the consumption fell to 1 recharge per day, definitely stop its use

• 10 mg of nicotine per refill
• Lévomenthol, nitrogen

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