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Respiratory tract

Helps to strengthen the natural defenses and provides a calming influence on the respiratory tract.

The Tea Tree has the properties of preventive and curative with the juice of the pine forests of the Mountains. It clears the nose and has a beneficial influence on the throat.

Taken regularly in the evening, the Tea Tree is an excellent natural prevention and helps to breathe more freely

Adults: boil a spoonful with soup filled well (curved) Tea Tree with a cup and a half of water for three minutes. Then, switch to a clean cloth, squeeze out the juice, sweeten drinks (3 to 4 pieces of red cane sugar, preferably) and drink it as hot as possible. The ideal is to be able to sweeten each cup using a tablespoon (3 tsp) of honey is true; you can prepare a herbal tea delicious.

Children: one teaspoonful of herbal tea, even how to proceed.

NOTE For a good purpose, it is absolutely necessary during the cooking, cover the container, which is used to prepare the herbal tea, or a plate, or a lid.

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