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Trenker Benzadermine Gel 23,3 g


Active ingredients: Erythromycin 3% + benzoyl peroxide 5%. Local treatment of acne vulgaris

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Benzadermine is a medicine intended for the local treatment of acne vulgaris, involving, in a gel for external use, 3% of erythromycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Erythromycin is an antibiotic that results in the reduction of inflammatory lesions of acne vulgaris.

Benzoyl peroxide, antibacterial agent, is effective against the bacteria present in the follicles sebaceous and blackheads.

The properties keratolytic and desquamantes that it presents will contribute to its effectiveness.

Begin the treatment with one application per day, then increase up to 2 applications per day, morning and evening.

Clean and dry the skin before application of the gel.

Precaution of use

The intense solar radiation and lamps, U. V., are to be avoided during treatment.

Benzadermine is a drug. Please read the entire manual. No prolonged use without medical advice.

Each packaging contains, after reconstitution by the pharmacist, 23.3 g of gel.

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