VSM Dormiplant Mono Comprimés enrobés 500 mg


Herbal medicine for the relief of the nervousness and slight insomnia.

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The root of the valerian is not appropriate for the acute treatment of nervousness and slight insomnia, given that its effect begins in a gradual manner. To obtain an optimal effect of the treatment, a continuous shot for 2-4 weeks is recommended.

If symptoms persist or worsen after 2 weeks of continued use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Dormiplant Mono 500 mg is not recommended for children below 12 years due to insufficient data on safety and effectiveness with children.

Coated tablets blue oblong-shaped.

For the relief of insomnia: take 1 coated tablet a half-hour or an hour before going to bed; if necessary, take 1 extra tablet during the evening.

Maximum daily Dose: 4 film-coated tablets.
The coated tablet should be swallowed, without chewing, with a quantity of liquid sufficient, regardless of the meal.

Adolescents (from 12 years), adults and the elderly:
For the relief of nervousness, light : take 1 coated tablet 1 to 3 times per day.

A film-coated tablet contains 500 mg dry extract of Valerian root officinalis L. s. l. (3-6:1) extractant: ethanol 70% (v/v)

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