Somatoline Cosmetic Traitement Ventre et Hanches ADVANCE 1 250 ml

Somatoline Cosmetic

Lose up to 2,5 cm in 10 nights*while sleeping. And get a smooth and soft skin.

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  • promotes the reduction of the fat mass localized on the belly and hips
  • progressively releases its active ingredients, for a slimming, intensive and prolonged
  • helps to prevent the recurrence of fat deposits located, including after the end of treatment.
  • women with fat accumulated around the waist, in the belly and on the hips (heredity, weight gain, post-partum...)
  • for women who are looking for a product for these areas with a long-term effect.

A clinical study instrumental, placebo-controlled trial was conducted on 81 women with fat deposits moderate and superficial, localized at the level of the belly and hips. The clinical evaluations, instrumental have demonstrated that the correct application and regular cream, by using massage appropriate, produces the following effects after 4 weeks of treatment:

  • up to 4 cm reduction of the hip circumference (under the seat) in 4 weeks* with just one application per day (average obtained for 14 women on 41). The average obtained for the whole panel : 2.3 cm;
  • remodeling that is visible from the silhouette.

Apply generously on the belly and hips, once per day for 4 weeks. Massage by drawing small circles until full absorption of the cream. Use the product regularly after 4 weeks of treatment to maintain the results obtained.

Contains the complex ReduxAdvance, a complex of innovative ingredients slimming active enriched with a phyto-derived, which helps to burn fat. The complex ReduxAdvance also contains a molecule carrier, which increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients, lipolytic, for an optimization of the effect slimming.

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