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Guarantee of a slimming treatment

Part of the Roger Cavaillès group, Somatoline Cosmetic is specialized in dermatological care for slimness! The brand offers ranges adapted to the physiology of men and women. Innovation, strong scientific researches and independent clinical tests guarantee you to have the most effective slimming treatment and anti-cellulite care! The Somatoline Cosmetic products are developed from a mixture of active ingredients to targeted actions (phyto-complex) for a visible result on the desired zones.

Remodel your silhouette thanks to an efficient product line

For women; Belly and hip treatment, promotes the reduction of localized fat storage and helps to counteract their reappearance; Intensive night 10, enriched with white clay, marine salts and shea butter, enables you to get fast results in 10 nights for hips and thighs; Slimming draining legs treatment; Anti-cellulite care, also against orange-peel skin; Slimming Treatment 50 Plus for the particular problems of mature women, ...

For men; Abdominal Treatment, reduces localized fat over the muscle band, in order to make them more visible; Intensive Night, also for belly and abdomen, ...

Somatoline Cosmetic

Somatoline Cosmetic Homme Traitement Abdominaux Top Definition 200 ml

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This treatment is a gel-cream cosmetic innovative, which penetrates quickly. Engineered for reduce fatty deposits of the man, he tones the abdominal area, helping reveal the muscle tissue.