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Beauty Science Lean Shake 50% Cappuccino 453g

Beauty Science


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Milkshakes-substitutes for meals to support the metabolic action as well as weight loss.

In the framework of a cholesterol-lowering diet;
In the framework of the council of a food low in sugars (hypoglucidique);
In the framework of any regime aiming to control body weight;
As the hunger suppressant;
As a booster vitamin in the case of a ball in the stomach (balloon in the stomach);
In the context of a low-salt diet;
In the context of a diet low in gluten.
For athletes;
For vegetarians.

Food value per 100 g:
proteins 50 g carbohydrates/carbohydrates (rapid assimilation 2 g, assimilation slow 22.5 g), dietary fiber 15 g, fat (unsaturated 0.5 g, omega-3 and omega-6 4 g), glucosamine 1500 mg, energy value 1574 kJ / 378 kcal.
Acid profile mined (g/16gN):
essential amino acids (L-isoleucine 6, L-leucine12,8, L-valine 7,4, L-phenylalanine 5,4, L-lysine 10,9, L-methionine 3, L-threonine 5,4, L-tryptophan, 2,6), amino acids semi-essential L-arginine 3,8, L-histidine 3,2), non-essential amino acids (L-alanine 5,1, acid L-asparaginique acid (L-asparagique/acid L-aspartic acid)11,3, L-cystine 3,2, L-glutamic acid 22,3, glycine 2 L-proline-6,8, L-serine, 4,5, L-tyrosine and 5.8).
calcium caseinate 90 %, whey proteins (whey proteins) 90 %, soya isolate 90 %, amino acid blend, a mixture of minerals mixture of vitamin, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, isomaltulose, omega-3, omega-6, glucosamine, collagen, cellulose gum, natural flavors freeze-dried.
Vitamins and minerals per 100 g:
vitamin A 1600 mcg ER (equivalent in retinol), vitamin D 10 mcg, vitamin E 20 mg ?-AND (equivalent alpha-tocopherol), vitamin C 140 mg, vitamin B1 2.2 mg, vitamin B2 3.2 mg, vitamin B3 36 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin B11 (folic acid) 800 mcg, biotin 30 mcg, vitamin B12 5.6 µg, pantothenic acid (B5) 6 mg, Ca 2000 mg, P 1600 mg, K 6200 mg, Fe 32 mg, Zn 19 mg, Cu 2.2 mg, I, 260 µg, 200 µg, Na, 1,15 mg, Mg, 600 mg, Mn 2 mg.
Energy value per serving + 200 ml skim milk = 256 kcal.
Effect anti-aging;
Glycemic index low;
In order to ensure a good control of body weight;
Fat burner action fat-burning);
To more vitality;
For better immunity;
Low in fat/lipid;
More joint flexibility;
In order to support the own insulin;
Cut-hunger effect.
Available in different variants (different tastes): cappuccino, apricot. Other variants: chocolate, fruits of the forest, Vienna Delight, vanilla, banana, tutti frutti and strawberry.

First of all, dissolve 3 tablespoons of product in a little milk until you obtain a mixture well blended. Then add 200 ml milk and make sure to mix well. You can also replace the milk with non-fat yogurt, cottage cheese or soy milk.
Store in a cool and dry place. Consume within a period of 3 months after opening.

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