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Tilman Elimin Intense Tea Bags 20



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Capsule DAY: consists of dry extracts of green coffee, green tea, fennel and birch.
The green coffee and green tea are characterized by a high content of polyphenols. They act as fat burners, increasing the consumption of energy and breaking down fats.
Fennel exerts a \"flat stomach\", eases digestion and reduces feelings of bloating and heaviness after meals, which are responsible for the increase in tower size.
Birch promotes drainage and drainage water.
Capsule NIGHT: contains dry extracts of cascara and lemon balm as well as powder of inulin. The elimination is stimulated, and the capsules exert a tranquilizing action as well.
Cascara promotes the intestinal transit.
The transit function is balanced thanks to the inulin.
Lemon balm is known for its relaxing properties and it contributes to a good night's rest (sleep).
Green tea and rosemary to stimulate the burning of fat.
Fennel exerts a \"flat stomach\".
Senna helps to a better elimination by activating the transit.

Capsule DAY: dry extract of green tea 75 mg, dry extract of green coffee 75 mg, dry extract of fennel 75 mg, dry extract of birch 75 mg.
Capsule NIGHT: inulin 150 mg, dry extract of Cascara 100 mg, dry extract of lemon balm 50 mg.
Tea: green tea leaves 30 %, fruit of fennel 30 %, rosemary leaves 20 %, senna leaves 15 %, natural aroma of lemon 5 %.

1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening.

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