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Structovial Amp Intra Articulaire 3

Structovial Amp Intra Articulaire 3


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STRUCTOVIAL is a medical device for human use to injections in the synovial joints (knee, hip, ankle and shoulder) to restore the viscoelastic properties of natural synovial fluid (viscosupplémentation).Performance and mechanism of actionChez patients with a degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis), the viscoelasticity of the liquid synovialest significantly impaired. This alteration creates a mechanical stress on the joint and causes ladégradation of the articular cartilage, which causes a limitation of joint mobility and pain.Thanks to its properties of lubrication and shock damping, this product helps reduce the pain and improve joint mobility. This effect can last for several months after a treatment cycle three to five injections, intra-articular.Contra-indications and interactions éventuellesLe product should not be administered to patients with a known hypersensitivity to any of the components.As this product is administered by intra-articular injection, it should not be administered to patientsatteints arthritis bacterial, in order to avoid possible complications. Currently, there are d?aucuneinformation on possible unwanted interactions with other treatments intra-articular.Adverse reactions and events indésirablesAprès administration, patients may experience various symptoms at the level of the joint being treated (pain,heat sensation, redness and swelling). The following adverse experiences have been reported with similar products : arthralgia, mild or moderate and, in rare cases rash, effusions articulairesaseptiques, pruritus and muscle cramps. The following adverse experiences have been observed dansde very rare cases : allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, hemarthrosis, thrombophlebitis, reaction pseudoseptique,acute inflammatory reaction is severe, nasopharyngitis, joint stiffness, tendinitis, bursitis, fever, and myalgia.Put in keeps the product should only be administered by a doctor trained in the administration of injections, intra-articular.He or she must also have a good knowledge of all the risks of immunological and autresrisques potential related to the use of a biological product. The product n?has not been tested in pregnant women,the?child and l?person under the age of 18 years. Keep product out of the sight and reach of children. The produitest single use system and the syringe should not be restérilisée after use. A reuse of the produitengendre a potential risk of infection to the patient or the user. Do not use if the sterile package(blister) has been opened and/or damaged. Do not use a syringe whose tip has been removed or déplacédans the sterile package (blister). Do not administer after the expiration date. A resting on the (pinion immobilization) during the 24 hours following each injection should be recommended to patients to avoid any pressure on the joints treated.It is indicated in the treatment of the pain and stiffness of the joints resulting from degenerative changes or trauma at the level of the synovial joints (osteoarthritis). Each syringe ready to use contains 2 ml of viscoelastic solution. 1 ml of product contains 10 mg (1 %) of sodium hyaluronate and sodium chloride, the monohydrogénophosphate sodium, citric acid and water for injectable preparation. The product is sterile and for single use only.

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