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Compresses gel to use for a calm, natural way, pain of the back, abdomen, arm or leg.

Use hot (heat therapy hot): in order to decrease muscle tension and relax the painful area.

Use cold (cryotherapy): in order to reduce swelling and inflammation.

The cover that came with the compress gel contains a fabric layer, Thinsulate insulation, which ensures that the wrap maintains more a long time a constant temperature with a cover on it, simple. The waistband also ensures a lightweight support to the back. Reusable.
The application of cold is a natural therapy for many injuries (sprains, bruises, etc.).

The first phase of the thermotherapy cold (cryotherapy) contracts the blood vessels. The superficial tissues are narrowed so as to reduce swelling and inflammation.

The second phase of the thermotherapy cold (after removal of the compress gel) results in the acceleration of the blood circulation.

The result is an increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients necessary for the restoration of the disaster area.

This is the reason for which the cryotherapy must be carried out in 2 intervals of maximum 20 minutes with a pause in between of a maximum of 2 hours between applications.

To repeat, if necessary.
Heating of the gel in the microwave or in boiling water. Cool compress gel in the refrigerator/freezer.

Then, insert the wrap in the cover and attach the belt around your body (to ensure that it does not move).

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