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Sunsublim Bronzage Special Peau Claire



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Ideal supplement for beautiful skin tinted.
1000 mg of a concentrate of carotenoids equivalent to 2 kg of carrots, 7 kg of tomatoes, 10 kg of apricots ...

SunSublim and SunSublim Day: per capsule: red palm oil (249,5 mg), fish protein concentrate of carotenoids from red palm oil (40 mg), yeast enriched with selenium (50 μg of elemental selenium), vitamin E (10 mg*), extract of melon is rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD) (2 mg).
SunSublim Night: extract of the leaves of Aloe vera 30 mg, zinc 15 mg, borage oil 100 mg, wheat germ oil 120 mg, black cumin oil 130 mg.
SunSublim Light: red palm oil, asaxanthine, lycopene from tomato, polyphenols from cocoa, vitamin E, selenium, zinc.

1 capsule in the morning, to take with a large glass of water

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