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Extrait Pepins Pamplemousse Caps 60x250mg Bioticas



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Jacob Harich, a doctor, a physicist, immunologist and Price Einstein, discovered in 1980 that the grapefruit seed thrown into the compost do not rotted. He observed in the laboratory that these seeds contain a substance not harmful to the properties powerful for the body is very rich and among other bioflavonoids.

Flavonoids are substances that are soluble in water, which is usually colored yellow. They are present in the seeds and the pericarp of white grapefruit. These valuable bioflavonoids and vitamin C are recovered in very high concentration and diluted in a mixture of vegetable glycerin and water. The product obtained is 100% natural.

Internal use :

3 to 15 drops in water (or a glass of orange juice to lessen the bitterness)

3 times per day keep you in great shape throughout the year.

External use :

In shampoo, gargle and application on the skin only diluted in water or oil.

Extract glycérique of grapefruit seed organic 83%

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 3.75% in the

Water (13,25%)

Guaranteed without benzéthonium, without triclosan or pesticides

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