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Cressan Pure V-caps 90x500mg



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Watercress contains substances sulphurous to the taste: the glucosinolates. Studies on animals and cell cultures have shown that PEITC may play a role in the protection against various types of cancer.
The researchers of the French Institute INRA came to the conclusion that the watercress is the only plant that has an effect on the two enzyme systems to the detoxification of the liver.

Watercress 100 % organic with the highest concentration of active ingredients.
The composition is not clear. Whatever it is, we urge you to eat more vegetables ... and eat the watercress may appear in any case on the menu.
100 g of watercress contains:
beta-carotene 2016 mcg equivalent vitamin A 336 mcg, vitamin B1 0.13 mg, vitamin B6 0.18 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin E 1.17 mg, folic acid 36 mcg, vitamin K, 252 mcg, Ca 136 mg, iodine 16 mcg, iron 1.8 mg, magnesium 12 mg, manganese 0.5 mg, phosphorus 42 mg, potassium 184 mg, Zn 0.6 mg, lutein 4614 mcg.
Consequently, taking into account what is mentioned above, we can say that eating 500 g of watercress (or more or less 2 to 3 small pots) per day, we get probably a vitamin supplement daily that contains the above ingredients.
It follows that this constitutes a source of this vitamin, costly and unrealistic (of course without wanting to prejudice the action of detoxification or detoxification of the substances sulphurous). Anyway, it is a pity that the firm standardizes't PEITC, and that it promotes not to constitute the unit of activity.

2 to 3 capsules per day.

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