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Fortimel Compact Neutre 4x125ml



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Substitute meals medical to small-volume, (low volume). Features: low in lactose, rich in energy (hyperénergétique), and low in residue.

To advocate to people who are unable to drink enough volume.
To contribute to a diet low in residues.
In the course of a bowel preparation (e.g. a colonoscopy).
For the rest of the colon.
As the power transition after a TPN (nutrition parental total).

Per 100 ml:
protein 9.6 g, carbohydrate of 29.7 g (of which 15 g of sugar, 0.04 g of lactose), fat 9.3 g (of which saturated 0.9 g), fibre 0 g, minerals and trace elements: Na 96 mg, K 236 mg, Cl 91 mg, Ca 174 mg, P 174 mg, Mg 39 mg, Fe 3.8 mg, Zn 430 µg, Mn 0.8 mg, F 0.2 mg, Mo 24 µg, 14 µg, Cr 16 µg, I, 32 μg, vitamins: vitamin A 240 mcg ER (equivalent in retinol), vitamin D3 1.8 µg, vitamin E 3 mg ?-AND, (equivalent alpha-tocopherol) vitamin K 13 mcg, vitamin B1 0.4 mg, vitamin B2 0.4 mg, vitamin B3 4.3 mg (equivalent niacin), vitamin B5, 1.3 mg, vitamin B6 0.4 mg, folic acid 64 mcg, vitamin B12 0.5 µg, biotin 9.6 µg, vitamin C 24 mg; other substances: choline 88 mg.
Energy value: 1.010 kJ (240 kcal) osmolarity: 710 mOsmol/l.
Per 125 ml: energy value 300 kcal, protein 12 g, fiber 0 g.
Energy distribution: protein (percentage energy: 16 %), carbohydrate (percentage energy: 49 %), fat (percentage energy: 35 %). There are 4 cartons (with the same aroma) of 125 ml per pack.
Available in 4 flavors: vanilla, mocha, strawberry and banana.

Dietetic food for medical use to advocate in the context of dietary treatment of under-nutrition/malnutrition related to disease.
Supplement (snack) to the power supply: 1 to 3 cartons per day.
As a replacement (a substitute - the only source of food): 5 to 7 cartons per day (2 boxes per meal).
Store in a cool and sec. shake the carton before each use. The product is ready to use. Maximum storage life after opening (provided you keep the carton in the fridge): 24 hours. Sterilization UHT.
Use only entéral and under medical supervision. Suitable as a sole source of nutrition. Always be sure to consume/drink enough water to ensure the water conditions are adequate. Food for children from the age of 3 years (by way of consequence, is not suitable below 3 years old). Exercise caution in administering Fortimel Compact for children between 3 and 6 years old.
1 tetra pack of 125 ml Fortimel Compact can replace 1 tetra pack of 200 ml of Nutridrink Multi Fibre or Nutridrink Yoghurt Style.

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