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Msm Pdrsoluble/ Oplosb 500g Deba

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Ingredients: methylsulfonylmethane (crystalline powder).
MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur compound organic in our own body. In the absorbent in the form of a dietary supplement completely safe, it is an element that has many advantages:
The MSM softens the pain in muscles, joints and tendons. It helps us to once again move around without problems in the termination and by relaxing our muscles stiff and rusty. It relaxes our joints. All in all: it promotes a good recovery of our body after intense physical effort.
The MSM also strengthens our immune system, among other when we have problems of allergy (e.g. to pollen, dust mites, certain foods and chemicals, etc.).
The MSM has an effect eliminator of toxins and promotes, by way of consequence, good health in general. It constitutes a source of tonic of energy and new vital force. Vigor and vitality! The purifying effect of the MSM on the liver facilitates the elimination of waste and toxic waste at the cellular level.
The MSM strengthens hair and nails to be fragile and soft.
MSM is beneficial to the dermal connective tissues and promotes the ability of restorative of the skin.
Finally, MSM supports the maintenance of a level of acidity in the normal level of the stomach and promotes bowel movements natural and regular.

Dissolve the MSM powder in water, fruit juice or any other drink is non-alcoholic.
Dosage: 2 to 8 g per day according to individual needs and in this way, divided into 2 to 3 doses (a teaspoon well-ebp corresponds to 2 g).
Attention: gradually increase the dose (for example: every day increase of 1 gram).
Expiry Date which is stated on the label.

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