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Supravit Comp 240 Nf Deba

Deba Pharma


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Complex multivitamin, minerals, ginseng, spirulina and coenzyme Q10.

By half tablet:
vitamin C 150 mg, stabilizer: cellulose microcrystalline, magnesium oxide 45 mg, natural beta-carotene 3.6 mg, vitamin E 15 mg, ginseng extract 25 mg, iron 2.5 mg, biotin 2 % 450 µg, vitamin B5, 18 mg, vitamin B3 18 mg, zinc 2.5 mg, citrus bioflavonoids 12.5 mg, choline-12.5 mg, inositol 12.5 mg, Spirulina platensis 12.5 mg, selenium 25 µg, manganese 1.75 mg, envelope/coating: hydoxypropylcellulose, anticoagulant: magnesium stearate, vitamin B6 6 mg, vitamin B1 4.2 mg, copper 0.5 mg, rutin 5 mg, vitamin B2 4.8 mg, vitamin D3 7,5 µg, coenzyme Q10 2.5 mg, chromium 25 mcg, dye: titanium dioxide, folic acid 400 mcg, vitamin B12 3 mcg, dye: iron oxide.

Recommended dose: ½ tablet per day, taken with a little water.

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